Term: From January 2015 till December 2016
Chair: WANG, Yifang, Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)
The 22nd ACFA Meeting and the 5th AsiaHEP Joint Meeting were held at the Dongguan Campus, Institute of High Energy Physics, China, from January 30 to 31.

Details about the next meeting will be announced later.

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Updated ACFA Member List(Revised in November 2015)

The 22nd ACFA Meeting (2015.01.30-31)

The 21st ACFA Meeting(2014.01.21)

The 21st ACFA Meeting and the 4th AsiaHEP Meeting were held at the Univesity of Melbourne on January 17, 2014, in conjunction with the ACAS Workshop and the AFAD-2014.

Details of the next meeting (the 22nd ACFA) will be announced later.

Operating Rules on the IPAC in Asia and the ACFA Accelerator Prizes (2014.01.30)

"Rules of International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) when taking place in Asia" now uploaded.

ACFA/AsiaHEP Statement on the ILC (2013.09.03)

ACFA and AsiaHEP have jointly issued a statement "ACFA/AsiaHEP Statement on the ILC".

ACFA/IPAC'13 Accelerator Prize Award Ceremony at IPAC13

The ACFA/IPAC'13 Accelerator Prize Award Ceremony was held during the IPAC13.
For detail, please visit to "ACFA/IPAC13 Accelerator Prize award ceremony report".

Updated ACFA Member List (Revised in December 2013)

Term: From January 2013 till December 2014
Chair: Mitsuaki NOZAKI, KEK