AFAD 2016         
February 1st -3rd, 2016 
Uji Campus, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
 7th Asian Forum for Accelerators and Detectors
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    The Excursion fee is up to JPY10,000/person, which depends on the number of participants, including all expenses; chartered buses, English-speaking tour guides, entrance fee of temples/shrines and lunch.

HOW TO PAY: The payment must be made at the reception desk of the Main Hall by the lunch break of 2nd day. We are sorry but we accept only Japanese Yen in cash.

Time    Place to Visit in Kyoto         
 8:00   JR宇治駅 JR Uji-Station                              
  平等院 Byodo-in Temple 
Byodo-in Temple
    This Temple view is one of the most famous scenes in Japan, and is replicated on back of the 10 yen coin.
宇治上神社  Ujigami-Shrine
    Ujigami-jinja Shrine is a remnant of the distant past, the oldest extant shrine architecture in Japan.
 10:40   宇治 Uji                          
    東山山頂公園 Higashiyama Sancho Park
     From Higashiyama Sancho Park, we can see a full scenery of Kyoto city.
If the time allows us to visit the Shogunduka deep in the park,
better view may be possible.
13:00~14:00   南禅寺 Nanzen-Ji (Lunch)
    Nanzen-ji Temple is one of Kyoto's most important temples. Its massive front gate drives this point home yet the structures and gardens on the grounds contain much that is sublime and beautiful.
  You will have free time after lunch
Since there are so many places to go, we decided to leave the decisions for you where to visit.
Our chartered bus will take you to go
Sanjusangendo, and go to Yasaka shrine, where the ceremony of scattering parched beans starts at 16:00.

The famous
Kiyomizu temple is within walking distance from Yasaka-shrine.

Detailed description can be found down below.
   三十三間堂  Sanjusangen-do
    It was originally founded in 1164 and rebuilt in 1266. In Sanjusangendo Hall, there are 1,001 wooden statues of the thousand-handed Kannon (千手観音). Inside is AMAZING!!!
Walking distances from Kyoto-station.
Closing time is @
  八坂神社付近 Around Yasaka Shrine
Yasaka Shrine
    February 3rd is Setsubun-sai(The Last day of Winter). Prayers for health and happiness
We scatter beans and rice cakes @ 15:00 and 16:00.
清水寺付近  Around Kiyomizu-dera
    Kiyomizu-dera is famous for the Stage, which is also called 'Kiyomizu no Butai' (the stage of Kiyomizu).   
15:45 京都駅  Kyoto-Station     

More sightseeing information

"Manpukuji-Temple"is another recommended spot for sightseeing. This temple is famed for its pine trees and architecture. Also, Japanese Tea Ceremony has its headquarters at Manpukuji-temple. You can walk there from Obaku-station. We would like to reccomend that you will visit there in your spare time.